Frequently Asked Questions

Are students in the concurrent degree program required to do a separate thesis or academic internship for each program?

Concurrent degree students are only required to do one academic internship or thesis project; students would register for 6 credit hours, and in the case of an academic internship, a minimum of 600 hours with an outside agency is required.  Please refer to the MES Thesis and Academic Internship guidelines for more information as these will be the guidelines you will be required to follow. The project should include aspects from both programs.

With several core classes from both programs, is there a specific order that I am required to take them in?

It is strongly encouraged that students take both EVSS 611 (Graduate Core Seminar) and PUBA 600 (Public Service Rolls and Responsibilities) during the first year of the program. PUBA 600 is a higher priority for the first semester; EVSS 611 can wait until the second semester if schedules do not allow it in the first semester. The other core classes should be completed within the first three or four semesters of the program.

Is it possible to join the concurrent degree program after having been accepted into either the MPA or MES program?

It is possible to be admitted into the concurrent degree program after already having started either the MPA or MES program, although interested students are encouraged to apply directly to the concurrent degree program. Each application will be considered on a case by case basis.